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    Wow! Amy Schumer Leaks are Skinny Ass & Waist

    Lets admit Amy Schumer wants to look sexy nude and she dropped some weight and look at her she actually looks great skinny. Schumer lost weight and being skinny now the typical Hollywood sluts release pussy and ass pics on Twitter like Schummer did. Her boobs prove that the body and tits on this chick are sexy as fuck! I mean i’m ready to listen to her fat girl jokes and then shove my dick in her mouth so she shuts the fuck up for once and just take a dick as much she talks about sex she really is a little whore. If anything Amy should work out like a UFC fighter girl then take nipple slip pictures, till then just eat another cake.


    To be honest with you all i really like Amy’s new topless selfies well she really looks amazing after shredding some weight off her body, it brought out the sexy beast in her and she proves it with an amazing ass and topless shot for the public to see.


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